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Youth Class Descriptions      


Tiny Hitters: (age 5-8)  Classes are 45 minutes in length and focus on athletic skill, movement, and playing format. This class will introduce players to the basics of tennis, emphasizing FUN activities using pressureless balls while highlighting hand-eye and tracking skill development. General athletic skill development is more important than tennis specific skills at this age!

Big Hitters: (ages 5-8) Classes are 45 minutes  in length and focus on developing basic strokes and movement.  This class will introduce players to the stroke development of forehand, backhand and volley's whle practicing live ball rallies using pressureless balls.

Intermediate Beginners: (ages 9-12) Designed for beginning players or those with some experience. These players may may have trouble maintaining a consistent rally with players of similar ability. The class will focus on basic stroke technique, scoring and general singles/doubles strategy.Fun is emphasized!

Intermediate: (ages 9-12) Children will continue to develop their general movement and athletic skills while continuing basic stroke fundamentals. A point play segment may be included during class, highlighting basic singles and doubles strategy.

Intermediate Advanced: (ages 9-12)  The criteria used to determine class participation includes, but is not limited to, use of grips, balanced & full service motions, as well as topspin production. Students must be age and size appropriate for play on a 78' court and use of the green ball. Selection is based on a student's current techincal state, size, attitude, and athleticism. Player match play records are generally not taken into account.

Junior Varsity: (ages 13 and up) Designed for players on the junior varisty high school team. Players will have a continued focus on stroke development, court positioning and basic strategy. Many of these players have already developed basic fundamental skills and now will focus on advanced stroke mechanics, tactics and pattern play. Must be consistent with serves and be able to play out points consistently.

Varsity: (ages 13 and up)  For those who are on the high school varsity tennis team or on a strong J.V team. This class focuses on strokes and singles/doubles strategy through rally based drills and game play. Class is designed to help players maximize their games for High School competition. Players new to our program who are interested in this group must be evaluated by one of our tennis pros.




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